Starting Your Day Right

wakeup-easyI love those who love me, and those who seek me early and diligently shall find me.

Proverbs 8:17 AMP (emphasis added)


It is absolutely imperative that you start your day off with God. He is your lifeline and your support. You cannot do anything successfully without Him (see John 15:5). As soon as your eyes open in the morning and before your feet hit the floor, you need to acknowledge God. The scripture says those who seek Him early will find Him, so before your day even starts, get before God and let Him know how much you need Him, love Him, appreciate Him, and adore Him. Let Him know that you cannot face the day without His presence. It is only by His grace that you were even able to wake up in the first place, so the least you can say is, “God, I just want to thank you for giving me another day.” No matter how bad you “think” things are in your life, God is still worthy of recognition, adoration, and praise.  

There is not a recommended regimen of what to do with your time with God or a specific time requirement, but here is a list of suggestions if you have no clue as to what you can do: show gratitude; praise and worship Him for who He is; pray (have an honest conversation with God); bask in the presence of the Lord; sing, dance, and shout; read scriptures; read spiritual books; sit in silence and wait for His voice; write in a journal; lay prostrate before the Lord, bow and kneel before Him. If you’ve never entered into God’s presence, I would start off with at least giving Him five minutes. You will find that that five minutes will turn into 10, then 15, and so on. You will see that five minutes is just not enough time and you will begin to crave more. You may be thinking I don’t have time for that, but the truth is, you can’t afford not to make time. I’m not talking about spending time with God when you’re in a rush or on the fly. I’m talking about setting apart time specifically for Him…just you and Him.

I’ve heard it said “Don’t work God into your schedule, work your schedule around God.” You shouldn’t “try” to fit God into your schedule, He should come first and then your schedule comes second. If you’re honest, your schedule won’t even turn out right if God isn’t involved anyway. He should always come first in everything that you do. You make your own plans, and there is nothing wrong with having a plan, but you must submit your plans to God and let Him direct your steps as Proverbs 16:9 says. Your Spirit needs to be sensitive to the divine changes that He may make. The best steps to take are the ones that God directs.

When you put God first and give Him the honor and glory that is due to Him, you will receive His mercy, grace, forgiveness, and anointing for that day. He will share with you what He wants you to do for the day, and He will help you get your mouth and your mind in line with His Word.  You need all of it on a daily basis. All this equips you for a successful day.

You will find when you spend quality time with God, you will have better days, you will be happier (see Psalms 16:11), your spirits will be lifted, and you will find freedom in His presence. If you seek God like you seek anything else you want, you will find Him… that’s a guarantee. When you enter into His presence, He hears you; but the beautiful thing is, even if you don’t say anything, He still hears your heart. I think even if you can’t find words to say, He is just honored that you have given Him the time. He wants you to come to Him and be in His presence. Just offer yourself and He’ll meet you where you are. Start to seek God early on a daily basis and see if you don’t see a steady progression of change in your life. You have nothing to lose by doing it, but you will gain so much…joy, peace, happiness, stability, direction, comfort, power, help, and strength. I think that’s worth getting up a little bit earlier for. Go ahead and give God some time. You won’t regret it!


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