The Dangers of Busyness


We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing…

Psalms 39:6 NLT

This life isn’t about us. Every day we wake up with plans for the day and strive endlessly to achieve them. We can get so busy that we can forget to acknowledge and converse with God throughout the day. Usually when you ask somebody how he or she is doing, the responses are often “I’m busy.” To be truthfully honest, how much of our busyness is actually fruitful?  The word fruitful means “beneficial” or “profitable.” How much of what we do is actually helping the Kingdom of God and expanding His family? Yes, there are things that need to be done on a daily basis to sustain a manageable life, but besides that, why are we so busy? Being busy has become a new addiction that is destroying lives.  

It would not hurt to actually sit down and have a meeting with yourself to see what activities you do on a daily basis. Write them all down and then start to assess if you really “need” to do those things. The base question should be, “is this activity allowing me to be fruitful?” If you find that it’s fruitless, get rid of it. You have the power to change your own schedule. Once you get rid of all unfruitful activity, you will find that you will have so much time to commit yourself to God’s service. Get before Him in prayer and ask Him what Kingdom business He wants you to get involved in. Ask Him to direct your steps, guide you to the right places, and give you favor with the right people. Taking care of God’s business always brings peace and satisfaction, and who wouldn’t want a life of peace.

Being busy is a sure fire way to miss God! Without God in our daily lives we have absolutely nothing. Don’t miss God because you’re too busy. Sit down for a minute and relax to find out His next step for you. We will have to account for all our busyness, so we should be able to give a reply saying “I was being fruitful for Your Kingdom.” John 9:4 (AMP) says, “We must work the works of Him Who sent Me and be busy with His business while it is daylight; night is coming on, when no man can work.” If you’re going to be busy, be busy doing the right things.


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