He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.

Job 8:21 NLT


Laughter is one of the best medicines to conquer stress. God sits in Heaven and laughs (see Psalms 2:4) and He expects us to laugh as well, especially at the devil. If God didn’t want us to laugh, then he wouldn’t have given us the mechanisms in our body to be able to do so. Laughter has much better effects on the body than recreational drugs and alcohol. It is the most positive outlet you can have as a coping mechanism; and, it is approved by God.  

Laughter has so many benefits for the body such as it helps you to relax; it relieves stress, anxiety, and fear; it improves your mood; it adds joy to your life; and it has physical, mental, and social benefits. On the other hand, stress brings about headaches, upset stomach, ulcers, high blood pressure, chest pains, and sleeping problems just to name a few. These effects are not of God—they are of the devil. Experts suggest that you can actually die from stress because it has negative effects on your immune system, which can trigger other medical conditions; but no one has ever died from laughter. It takes more energy to be upset and mad about a situation than it is to just laugh through it. It is even possible to forget the situation when you focus on happier moments and engage in laughter. Laughter takes your mind off the situation, and when you fill your mouth with praises to God, you are releasing your faith. I believe laughter can be praise especially if you are laughing at the devil. You are letting him know that you think it’s funny that not only he thought he would win, but that he even had the audacity to come against you in the first place. Laughing and shouting the victory before it happens shows great faith because you believe God will work it out, and it will heal your soul in the process. Ecclesiastes 3:4 (NLT) says it’s “a time to cry and a time to laugh; a time to grieve and a time to dance.” We need to do more laughing than crying; and more dancing than grieving. The time to laugh and dance is in the midst of a trial. Laugh and dance your way to victory and give refreshment to your soul.

Action Step:

  • When negative situations arise, laugh!  If you feel stressed, laugh! Laugh through the pain and heartache. Make it a habit to get 10 good belly laughs a day.

Meditation Scripture (s):

  • A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength. Proverbs 17:22 NLT
  • At that time we laughed loudly and shouted for joy. At that time the nations said, “The LORD has accomplished great things for these people.” Psalms 126:2 NET

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