Are Your Angels Bored?


Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.

Hebrews 1:14 NLT

Every one of us has an angel assigned to us by God. They are our servants, so they work for us. Nobody wants to be on a job and have absolutely nothing to do, and since your angel works for you, it needs to be busy constantly doing the work that you’ve assigned it to do. How do you get your angel to work you might ask? You have to speak the Word of God at all times. If all you speak are negative words about your life and your circumstances, you stop your angel from working and it just sits idle; but once you open your mouth and speak to your mountains pertaining to what God said about it, your angel gets busy moving on your behalf.  

Instead of always giving a negative reply when something bad happens, keep quiet and seek God to see what He has to say about it in His Word. The Bible has an answer for every single situation in life, so there isn’t anything that you can go through that His Word doesn’t have an answer to. When you have enough Word in you, when negative situations arise, your first response will start to be the Word of God instead of what it looks like. Once you have faith filled words brewing in you, open your mouth and command your angel to get to work. Start lining your mouth up with the Word of God and speak it out loud. When your angel hears God’s Word being spoken about your situation, it begins to work and that’s when you will start to see miracles and breakthroughs. Angels work for you, so give them something to do!

Meditation Scripture (s):

  • For He will give His angels orders concerning you, to protect you in all your ways.  They will support you with their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. (Psalms 119:11-12 HCSB)
  • Praise the LORD, all his angels, you mighty beings who carry out his orders and are ready to obey his spoken orders. (Psalms 103:20 GW)

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