Who Will You Call?

 man on phone 2 VS.man praying

In my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me.
Psalms 120:1 ESV

When you are in trouble, what is your first response? Do you immediately pick up the phone to vent about the situation and get advice on how to handle it? Do you take matters into your own hands? Or do you just let the situation handle itself? To be truthfully honest, all of these options are a recipe for disaster because if you notice, none of the scenarios involve God at all. 

Nowhere in the Bible does it say to run to your family, friends, or even succumb to your own reasoning when you are in trouble. On the other hand, the Bible tells you exactly what to do when you have a problem: Hebrews 4:16 tells you to go to God’s throne to receive help; 1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all your worries on Him; Matthew 11:28 is Jesus’ personal invitation to come to Him if you are burdened; Proverbs 3:5-6 says to seek, trust, and acknowledge Him in all that you do; Philippians 4:6 says to not worry about anything, but to pray about everything. When you seek God and His wisdom regarding the situation, you will get answers that produce permanent results. When you seek everyone other than God, you get a band aid solution that is only temporary, and without God’s counsel, it can make the situation worse. Joyce Meyer said it best, “Don’t run to the phone, run to the throne.”

Some people just need to vent when situations arise, and that’s okay, but vent to God. If the psalmist David complained to God about his issues, you certainly can: “I cry out to the Lord; I plead for the Lord’s mercy. I pour out my complaints before him and tell him all my troubles” (Psalms 142:1-2 NLT). God cares about everything that concerns you and He wants to hear about what’s going on in your life. It’s not like He doesn’t know anyway, but it’s a matter if you will respect Him enough to seek His counsel about it. Give Him the honor that He is due by going to Him first when you have a problem. He is the only One that can solve it anyway, so let Him do His job of taking care of you.

The best thing you can do when you have an issue is to pray. Your problems are between you and God, and in order to get the results that you need, prayer is mandatory. You don’t need to have a pity party or pick up the phone and get everyone involved, but instead you need to go into your prayer closet and fall before the Lord. You may think that some of your problems aren’t big enough to bother God with, but no matter how big or small the problem, prayer is the only answer and God is the only source. Learn how to rely on God instead of the frailty of human wisdom. In times of trouble, make sure you call on the right Person. I promise you that life is more manageable when you give God total control over everything, and over every area of your life. God’s ears are inclined to your voice, so call on the Lord when problems arise.


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