Every Day is a Good and Exciting Day


The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].

John 10:10 AMP (emphasis added)

Every day is a good day when you are living and serving God. When you are believing God for something, every day should be exciting because you never know when He is going to act or how He is going to move on your behalf. In a way you become like a little child who always asks its parents, “are we there yet?” When you live your life in constant expectation, you can’t help but live each day, “is it coming yet, is it coming yet, is it coming yet?” You can’t have a bad day when you’re excited about receiving something that you’ve been wanting and asking for. Each minute, second, and hour is lived as if the blessing is on its way. 

You may be asking; how can I enjoy my life if I’m always in the dark about what’s going to happen and wondering if God will answer my prayer? Here’s some news for you: The world is scared of uncertainty, but the faithful Christian has faith in it because you believe in the One that holds your life in His very own hand. There is no failure with God, and if you’re a mature Christian, there’s no disappointment either. Maturity realizes that whatever God says “no” to is only for your good, and He will give you something so much better that you weren’t wise enough to ask for to begin with. That’s how good God is! It’s mind blowing to see how God will outdo your own prayer!

The key to enjoying every day is faith, and each day needs be lived accordingly. Faith is believing for what you can’t see yet, and if your trust is in God, that makes every day a journey worth traveling. Faith coupled with hope (a confident expectation that something good will happen) makes for a blessed day regardless of what is going on in your life. You have been given the tools to enjoy every day, but it takes being able to move beyond what you see in order to actually enjoy it.

You should never have a bad day again once you realize what you have in God. Each morning before your feet hit the floor, you need to thank God for giving you another day, and use your mouth to give Him praise throughout the day. You can talk yourself into good days or you can talk yourself into bad days (see 1 Peter 3:10). Stop letting your circumstances and the people around you dictate what type of day you’re going to have, and let the Spirit of God lead you.

Keep this in mind on a daily basis: Is God going to bless me today…yes; Is God going to protect me today…yes; Is God going to handle my circumstances today…yes; Is God going to show His love for me today…yes; Is God going to hear my prayer today…yes. If you think like this, your days will be more exciting and enjoyable to live!


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