God Will Let You Test Drive Your Own Life

choicesSince they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. And then all hell broke loose:

Romans 1:28 MSG (emphasis added)


Whether we want to believe it or not, we think we know how to handle our problems and run our lives better than God. We try to fix our own problems, make things happen in our own strength, and ultimately, we worry and stress because we’re too impatient to wait on God—our way is so much quicker. If God was really in control of our lives, we would live a life of peace and rest the way that God originally intended it. Instead, we operate outside of God and wonder why we’re so stressed, confused, frustrated, and exhausted. Then that’s when we want to blame God for our mess. If you pinpoint all the messes that you’ve had, I’m sure the key thing in each one is the absence of God’s involvement. 

Even though God is patient and a gentleman, He will eventually have to show tough love in order for us to get it. I’m sure at some point in your life, your parents had to show you tough love. They did it so you can see for yourself that you don’t know all that you claim you know. In the same way, God is our Heavenly Father and He is no different when it comes to discipline and dishing out tough love. He will not force you to love, follow, obey, or accept Him. If you think you know better than He does, He will turn you over to your own way. This is not done out of malice, but for you to simply see that you don’t know how to live successfully without Him. God will let you go your own way and do your own thing until you realize, this isn’t working for me. What am I doing wrong? Once you realize that your way doesn’t work, God’s hand is always there to welcome you back home. Second Timothy 2:26 (GNT) says, “Then they might come back to their senses and God will free them from the devil’s snare so that they can do his will.” When you live without God, the devil has full access to you and he will take you on a test drive that leads straight to hell. John 10:10 says that the thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and without God’s protection on your life, that’s exactly what he will do. His only aim is to take you out, and a life without Jesus will accomplish just that! Jesus continues to say in John 10:10 that He came so that you may have and ENJOY your life. If anyone should be in the driver’s seat, it should be God and not the devil or you!

You can let pride rule your life and shut God out, or you can humbly submit your life to God and let Him order your steps. God’s plan for your life is so much better than yours for the simple fact that He knows the end from the beginning. Once you experience the goodness of God and live a life that is ordered perfectly for prosperity in every area, you will see that what you were doing with your life was truly hell on earth. You have to understand that everything written in God’s Word is for your good (see 2 Timothy 3:16). Living by your flesh will only lead to continual sin, destruction, and it will harden your heart and blind your eyes. If you think you are smart enough to run your own life, have at it, but you will soon turn back to God. God didn’t create you to live apart from Him (see John 15:5; Acts 17:28). The devil can’t have victory on a person rooted and fully submitted to God. The choice is always yours, but save yourself a lot of pain, stress, and heartache and surrender your life and your will over to the Lord. I can guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

Meditation Scripture (s):

“But my people didn’t listen, Israel paid no attention; So I let go of the reins and told them, ‘Run! Do it your own way!’ (Psalms 81:12 MSG)

But no, you won’t listen; and so you are saving up terrible punishment for yourselves because of your stubbornness in refusing to turn from your sin; for there is going to come a day of wrath when God will be the just Judge of all the world. (Romans 2:5 TLB)


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