The Real Enemy Is…


“Sometimes you yourself can be your own worst enemy.”



The devil is not to blame for everything bad that happens in our lives. I know this is probably a shock to you, but it’s true. Now don’t get me wrong, he is responsible for a lot of what happens to us, but not everything. It is true that he is our enemy and he hates us. His main goal is to steal, kill, and destroy (see John 10:10), but he also has help with carrying out his mission. I know what you’re thinking, “If the devil isn’t always responsible, then who is?” The answer that no one wants to hear is YOU ARE! Yes, you can be responsible for your own chaos. I know society teaches us not to take responsibility and to pass blame, but that is not the Christian way. Believe it or not, you have a personal hand in aiding the devil in destroying you.  Continue reading The Real Enemy Is…

Who’s Waiting on Whom?

tapping fingers

You may be waiting on God, but God is waiting on you. If you’ll do what you know God is asking you to do, your faithfulness will activate His favor, increase, and blessing.

~Joel Osteen

I’ve become painfully aware that we are now living in a world where the concept of accountability no longer exists. The blame game started in the Garden of Eden and still continues to this day. No one wants to take responsibility for anything. When things don’t go right, people are quick to blame God for the disaster without taking a look in the mirror to see how they played a part in the whole thing. One lesson I’ve learned over the years is God is not our problem, but our only answer. Nothing negative that happens is His fault (see Psalms 92:15; Romans 9:14; Deuteronomy 32:4; Job 34:10). He gives people instructions to perform and when they are not followed, consequences happen at no fault of His. Continue reading Who’s Waiting on Whom?