God Is No Respecter of Persons


Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism.

Acts 10:34 NIV (emphasis added)


You should never judge God for what He does for someone. You don’t know what that person had to do to get what they have, nor is it any of your business. God does not have favorites—He deals with all of His children accordingly. If you are not willing to put in the work God is calling you to do, you have nothing to say about how other people are getting blessed and your lack thereof. God has a different way of blessing His children, but He blesses us all the same and at different times. He might supernaturally bless someone, whereas you might have to take the long road to get your blessing. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get what you asked for; it just means that God has a different avenue for you namely to develop your spiritual growth and deepen your relationship with Him. There is something to be learned on the way to your blessing. Treasure the journey and keep your eyes and mouth on what God is doing for you and through you. How you act in times of waiting has a lot to do with the timing of your breakthrough.  Continue reading God Is No Respecter of Persons

It’s Just Not Fair


We all have had a “woe is me” story at some point in our lives where we just don’t get why bad things keep happening to us. We can get so absorbed in “us” that we forget to take our eyes off of what really matters. This particular blog will be a reality check for some because no matter what you’re going through, it doesn’t compare to what has already been done for you through the death of Jesus Christ.  Continue reading It’s Just Not Fair