Truth or Convenience?

A few days later Felix and his wife, Drusilla, who was Jewish, sent for Paul and listened to him talk about a life of believing in Jesus Christ. As Paul continued to insist on right relations with God and his people, about a life of moral discipline and the coming Judgment, Felix felt things getting a little too close for comfort and dismissed him. “That’s enough for today. I’ll call you back when it’s convenient.”      

(Acts 24:24-25 MSG emphasis added)

People today would rather hear what sounds good rather than what will benefit them and help them grow. Sadly, telling the truth in this day and age is more like a sin than lying. Wanting to hear what always feels good does more damage than hearing the heartbreaking truth. We can only grow when we know the error of our ways and only hearing the truth will do this. People draw back when the truth is spoken. They withdraw from people, places (church), activities (Bible reading), and God when confronted. We love convenience too much to the point where we are in jeopardy of Godly living. We want to interpret and twist facts to help benefit our individual agendas. We actually stifle our own growth by doing these things. In today’s scripture, Paul was trying to explain to Felix how to live right before God and his people, discipline, and God’s soon coming judgment. Paul was sent away until a more convenient time because what Paul was telling him was hitting the wrong cords for Felix. When we do things like this, we are setting ourselves up to live a life of deception. Everything will not always be easy, and it surely won’t always feel good, but we’ll never grow in God if we don’t hear the hardcore truth daily. The more we run from the truth, the more the devil can use and deceive us. Ultimately, this sets us up to live a life of bondage.  Continue reading Truth or Convenience?

Living in Freedom

no chains

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

John 8:36 NLT



We are made to live a free life. Not free in the sense that we can do anything that we want, but free from the bondage of the many forms of sin. Romans 6:6 says that we are dead to sin because of what Christ has done for us. How many people really know that they don’t have to be a slave to their sinful desires? Everything that might be wrong in our lives doesn’t have to be. John 10:10 (NLT) says that Jesus came to give us a rich and satisfying life, so if we aren’t enjoying it, that’s not God’s will for us. Jesus did what He was supposed to do to set you free, now the rest is up to you. I know we like to pray and have God do everything for us, but you and God are partners, and partners work together. Freedom is yours and it’s time to take it and live in it.   Continue reading Living in Freedom